Five Things To Remember To Do Before You Move
06 January 2015
With the number of things that need to be get when you are moving house, it is only natural that some of them will skip your mind. Of course, you have a nice little folder where you keep track of your budget, bookings and other removal related tasks. And that might help you stay on top of the move almost all the time. But there are often some tasks that you might forget to include in the rush of affairs. We have picked the five most common mistakes that people make when doing their removals planning and listed them here so that you don’t forget them. 1.    Drain and defrostThree days before you move, remove all the food from your refrigerator and freezer and defrost them. When all the ice and frost has melted, clean the machines thoroughly and wipe them dry. Leave the doors open for the insides to completely dry out. For other appliances that also work with water such as washing machines and dish washers, empty them, clean the insides and let them dry out as well. Irrespective of whether you are moving a long distance or a short one, moving your appliances damp will only encourage growth of mold. Not to mention that all the dust and dirt that seems to gather during a move is going to settle on the wet surfaces and make them dirty.2.    Dismantle furnitureNot all of your furniture will be carried as it is; you will need to measure the dimensions of the doorways at both your homes and see whether you have enough space in the moving van for moving furniture as they are.  Sometimes, you may need to dismantle and flat pack certain furniture items before they can be moved out of your old home and into your new one. If you are having your house movers dismantle your furniture for you, make sure they come in early so that they have enough time to do the packing before they begin the move. When dismantling, collect the nuts and bolts and other attachments in a plastic seal bag and put it in one of the drawers or such a closed container where you will remember you put it. 3.    Arrival and parkingA day before the move, make sure the drivers from the moving company have received your full address and clear directions about how to get there. Since it will be easier for you to load things on to the removal van if it is parked closer to your driveway, make sure you arrange a parking space near your house, especially is parking is usually tight on your street. You might have to request you neighbours or arrange with the council to book a parking space. Make sure you have also made parking provisions in the new locality since unloading will also take time. It shouldn’t take more than 12 days to arrange for a parking space if you notify the council in time. 4.    Clear exits and doorwaysIf you are going to have people moving around in the house before and on moving day, you should keep your doorways and hallways clear of obstructions. This will help the movers get around your house quickly and also prevent unwanted accidents. In order to save time, make sure you put the boxes in the living room or somewhere close the main exit but out of the way.5.    ValuablesRelieve yourself of one stress and leave your cash money, valuables and important documents in your house in the bank safety box or with a friend or relative until after the move.